Survivor Justice Action (SJA) is a national 501c4 advocacy organization dedicated to ending domestic violence (DV) in the United States. SJA will work to establish a national ecosystem of holistic and inclusive support, policies, education, and resources for survivors of domestic violence, the advocates who work closely with them and those creating laws and legislation related to DV.

Our Mission: Survivor Justice Action will work to amplify the voices of survivors, educate, and mobilize to demand systems change to prevent and end all forms of domestic violence.

Our Vision: To end domestic violence in our lifetime.

Our work, led by a staff of experts in domestic violence and public policy, will center in four major areas:

  • Increasing voter registration, engagement, and education about candidates who support survivors.
  • Training for those wanting to run for elected office and are passionate about a survivor-centered approach to ending domestic violence.
  • Holding those in power accountable for better legislation and protections for survivors and their families.
  • Advocating for systems change to advance the rights of those impacted by domestic violence, champion increased funding for organizations working to meet their needs (shelter, counseling, legal aid etc.), and demanding accountability for those who choose cause harm to survivors and their families.

Our work will be conducted in collaboration with organizations, stakeholders and individuals who share in our vision to end domestic violence in our lifetime and are inclined to take action to ensure that survivors live with the safety, dignity, and respect they deserve.

SJA Press Release (pdf)

PO Box 92766, Austin, TX 78709

SJA is not a direct services provider.